Criminal Law or Drug Possession

If you have been accused of a crime, whether it is drug possession, theft, or a white collar crime, it is absolutely essential that you engage a lawyer that can accurately and fairly represent your interests in court.

Tom Drake can represent the accused in both state and federal courts and help those who are involved in criminal investigations, either as the target of the investigation or as a witness. 

Representation for Drug Arrests

If you have been arrested for drug possession, including possession of marijuana, even if there is no conviction, the arrest can cause irreversible damage to your personal and professional reputation.  A conviction can mean fines, imprisonment, missing work or school, family crisis, and other penalties that a judge might impose.  Just being arrested can result in the loss of a job, even if no conviction results from the arrest.  Consequences can also include suspension from school for a student, problems in getting housing, or making it more difficult for someone who is out of a job to find work.  Having an attorney on your side that can advise you and represent you in court can make the difference in the outcome of your court case.

Other Criminal Charges

Other charges that require an attorney include burglary, juvenile crimes, vandalizing, car theft, embezzlement, assault, and domestic violence.
Tom Drake can provide you with the legal advice necessary to fairly represent your case in court.  Call his office at (615) 320-1717 to setup a consultation.