Estate Planning and Making a Will

You may not like to anticipate the possibility of dying by making a Will, but when you've worked hard to build up your assets in life, it is important that you be able to pass your wealth on to your loved ones as easily as the law allows.  At a minimum, everyone should have a basic estate plan that is detailed and thorough, especially if you have children and property.

Tom Drake will work with you to help you determine your needs and to cover all the estate planning essentials.  Some of these essentials include the following:
  • A simple will declaring your heirs and distributions
  • Trusts to speed up the transfer of your wealth upon death
  • Designation of guardians for your minor children
  • Powers of attorney for both financial and personal matters
  • Durable power of attorney for health care
  • Living wills for end-of-life care decisions
Although Tennessee probate can be relatively simple, it can also be time-consuming if there are complicating factors.  You may have been declared the executor or personal representative of a family member's estate and feel uncertain about what is expected of you. Tom Drake can explain the process and provide legal counsel that will help you understand what you will need to do.
In some unfortunate circumstances, there is a need for an attorney to handle probate litigation, and to represent beneficiaries or excluded heirs.  Some of these circumstances include the enforcement of prenuptial agreements, contested guardianship, contested wills, or allegations of breach of fiduciary duty.
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